About Us

Over the past few years ,CONSTRUÇÕES OBJECTIVO had a business volume evolution. This evolution is due to the strenghthening of the company’s own capital, giving a financial autonomy capable of being a continuous support for growing.

The universe of the construction is conditionated by several factores, many of them uncontrollable. This area requires strong management skills, in terms of logistics complexity as well as the risks inherent in an ever-changing orgazniation. Our history confirms our ability for all types of projects, regardless of it’s complexities and adversities.

Our team is composed by four engeniers, budgeting, financial and human resources departments, ready to give answers to the challenges. On the construction front, our supervisors combine experience with commitement necessary to do all the tasks. Our employees are specialized and dedicated to the tasks they perform, guaranteeing the final quality of the work.

Since his born,  CONSTRUÇÕES OBJECTIVO invests everyday in equipment of all sizes.

"We work to give a better future to our customer"

Marco Gastão

"At CONSTRUÇÕES OBJECTIVO, we work to offer a better future to our customers. Our work reflects the maturity based on more than two decades of experience in the civil construction area. However we don't look to the past and, daily, we bet on the modernization and innovation of our techniques and equipment.. Everything to help you building your future!"

Sócio Gerente


Througt the offer of civil construction and public works services for the requalification of building and infrastructures, we aim to help our customers achiving a better future.


Construções Objectivo is a reference in the market which it operates, focusing on providing excelent services and high quality for total customer satisfaction.


At CONSTRUÇÕES OBJECTIVO we mantain the values that characterizes us from the first day: entrepreunial vision, technical and human innovation and customer orientation, fundamental to the company’s sucess and growth.

With 20 years of experience in civil construction, we are the perfect partner for your work.